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What Organizational Skills Do You Need To Run A Home Daycare Business As Well As A Family?

by Yvonne Russell on September 8th, 2008


Guest Post
By Debbie Yost

Reader Questions:
How do you keep a clean house, run an in home daycare and watch your kids?
I try to multitask, but I am more of a take one thing at a time type person when it comes to housework. I get easily overwhelmed by all that I have to do around this house.

What kinds of organizational skills do you have? Could you share them with us?
I want to keep my house (and myself) looking nice and I want to make a good impression for my up and coming home daycare business.

Debbie Yost Answers:
Running a home daycare is much like working outside your home. Just because you are home does not mean you will be able to do laundry or clean your bathroom. You have children to care for and their needs come first. Other than cleaning the kitchen after meals, I did not get any housework done during the day.

In theory you could do some housework while the children are napping, but it is more important to take this time to rest and get ready for the afternoon shift. My housework got done in the evenings and weekends just like any other working mom. If you can afford it, I recommend hiring a cleaning service for the deep cleaning.

In addition, I was able to dedicate a section of my house to the daycare. At the end of the day, we picked up toys and I “left work.” Not everyone can do this, but I would limit the areas the children are allowed in as much as possible. My house was never filthy, but clutter always has been and always will be a part of my life.

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