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Working from Home - The Hidden Costs

by Jean Murray on December 4th, 2008

I have been in my full-time home job for less than a week and I love it!  But one cost I had not considered was the lack of exercise and the strain of sitting all day at a computer.  I decided not to bring my home phone to my desk, figuring that I needed to get up and answer those telemarketer phone calls every hour or so.  Know what I mean?

Christopher Wanjek from LifeScience talks about the costs and risks of working from home in a recent blog post.   Not taking breaks, the eyestrain of looking at the computer all day, and the bad ergonomics I’ll bet are at your desk can all take a toll on your health.  And no one from OSHA or the EPA is going to come knocking at your door to check on you.  So, if you work at home on a computer, what are you doing to stay healthy? 

More on this tomorrow, and stay tuned for a fun contest with a great prize to make your working life much easier.

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