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Increasing Fuel Costs…Ban or Boom to Life & Business In the US?

by Mary Emma Allen on May 23rd, 2008


 Increasing fuel costs affect so many aspects of our life.  Will this create a ban or boom to business in the US, as well as other countries?  (See co-blogger Yvonne Russell’s post, Rising Gas Prices in Australia Affect Business Owners.  Where Will It Stop?)

Here’s a check list of ideas:

*We’ll have to do more carpooling for business, social, and recreational reasons.

*Already we’re combining errands and planning ahead so simply don’t hop into the auto on the spur of the moment.

*We look at our needs more carefully as prices of the “stuff” we buy increases, due to shipping costs and materials involved.

*We research how to get the best fuel mileage, best heating economy, and purchase the most efficient appliances.

Although most people are focusing on the negative aspect of higher cost of fuel oil, there could be positives.

*More people may consider home businesses so they don’t have to travel to their job.

*The appeal of the Internet as a way to earn an income will increase.

*Shopping over the Internet will present greater possibilities.  Even higher shipping costs for goods won’t oustrip travel costs, especially if you live some distance from shopping areas.

*Research into alternative sources of energy will increase.

*More people likely will walk and ride bicycles, thus getting the much needed exercise that many Americans lack.

Check out a previous article I wrote on this topic: High Gas Prices Change Business Methods & Stimulate Creativity.

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