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Marketing to Kids - Tips for Home Business Owners

by Mary Emma Allen on March 24th, 2007

Do you produce items that appeal or are used by youngsters?  Do you use promotions that might appeal to them, as well as their parents?  Is there a difference between how youngsters view purchases than the adults in their lives?

Ron E. discusses this sometimes controversial topic in a recent post, Marketing to Kids,  at Brand Curve and mentions “There is no law that dictates who is the sole decider on what to buy.  And although the mother might be the one actually buying (performing the action) , the kid has so much influence power that the decider title just might go to him/her.”

This reminded me of advice I’d received about picture books that appeal to youngsters versus those that catch the attention of adults. 

As a children’s librarian looked at, Tales of Adventure & Discovery,  the children’s anthology I’d written and illustrated, I’d apologized because the pictures were so simplistic. 

“Mary, the children like illustrations that look like something they could draw.  Adults select books with lovely art,” she said.

Later, a first grade teacher said much the same thing when she saw my illustrations.  She explained that children generally gravitate toward the books with simple drawings.  I’ve noticed, too, that my grandson, now 11 years old, often selects books with cartoon type drawings rather than realistic ones.

So, I kept this in mind when when I illustrated and produced a coloring book for youngsters and currently a picture book.  I have nothing against lovely pictures in children’s books and enjoy them myself.  However, I try to keep in mind what children like, too, when writing and illustrating  my books because, in many instances, the parents will go with what the children want.

Is this marketing to children in my home writing/publishing business?  You might say it is since I want to produce a product that will encourage children to read.

(Incidentally, check out Ron’s blog for more tips on the philosophy of producing items that kids will want, i.e….marketing to kids.)

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