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Expand Your World…and Your Home Business

by Mary Emma Allen on March 22nd, 2007

David Krug makes a very interesting point a post on his b5media blog, Work Boxers. “Spend 30 minutes each day interacting with people you’d normally not interact with.” He mentions this as a way to expand your influence and to get your name [and your business name] out there.

Yes, this is something to consider. Within your niche, your circle of customers and friends, you may be well known. However, don’t you want to expand your “circle of influence” and become better known…have your products and/or services better known?

So…spend some extra time each day (David suggests 30 minutes) to meet new people. This could be online or in person. When you’re in the grocery, talk to people instead of rushing through. Introduce yourself to the person behind, if you find yourself waiting in line. Chat with someone in the doctor’s or dentist’s office instead of sitting with your face in the magazine. (And I’m guilty of this, too!)

Jot an e-mail to someone whose blog or web site you enjoy. Did you find their book interesting? E-mail the author.

The list goes on…the ways you can expand your world and your home business.

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1 opinion for Expand Your World…and Your Home Business

  • Aaron Brazell
    Mar 22, 2007 at 9:38 pm

    For the record, b5media did purchase this blog from David. David is not the author there anymore, nor is he a part of b5media. The blog is awaiting an author currently and is not launched by the network in any form.

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