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Include Your Home Business in Recognition Days/Months

by Mary Emma Allen on March 25th, 2007

Find ways to include your home business in days/weeks/months of local and national recignition…and then let others know about it.  This is a way to become involved in a movement  that may be simply a local or regional one.  Or it might be a national time of recognition.  Tie in with it for unique promotions, or simply fun events, that will make your business name more recognizable. 

Let your customers know, by signs in your store and flyers you hand out to them.  Also, if you have a mailing list (nowadays, it’s often an e-mail, not a postal, list) let your customers know.  With online businesses, you will, of course, promote by e-mail.

For instance, Judy Howard, of Buckboard Quilts, has been participating in National Quilt Month (March) with a series of events.  To climax it, she designated March 29 as Charity Quilt Day

“This is a campaign to raise awareness and funding for the sacrificial volunteer work of hundreds of thousands of quilters who provide quilts for sick babies, orphans, homeless people, nursing homes, cancer and Alzheimer’s patients, soldiers and victims of disaster - those most in need of the touch of God’s love and comfort that quilts represent.”

This event will climax a month of quilting events, including those surrounding Centennial Stitches - Oklahoma History in Quilts.

Since I’ve signed up for Judy’s e-mail list, I receive notice of these events even though I don’t live in Oklahoma (USA).  (Incidentally, Judy’s business is the reverse of many home businesses.  She recently moved her away-from-home store to her home…something that the Internet Age makes feasible.)

See what days/weeks/months of recognition you can participate in to raise awareness of your home business.

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