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A new face here at Home Biz Notes

by Jean Murray on November 1st, 2008

Hello to all Home Biz Notes readers.  I am Jean Murray, and I’m the new face here at Home Biz Notes.  Mary Emma and Yvonne have decided to pursue other writing interests, and I was eager to take on another blogging challenge, so here I am.

First, a little about me.  I have been a writer, teacher, and consultant to small business owners for almost 30 years.   My education (MBA and PhD) has been in small business/entrepreneurship, and my passion is helping people start and run small businesses.  I have helped many students and others put together business plans and get their businesses running successfully. I have written several books about small business startup, business plan proposals, and home businesses.

And, as of November 26, I am leaving my full-time work and becoming a full-time home business owner.  I’m joining the Home Biz crowd.

About a year ago, I signed on to the Small Business Boomers blog here on b5media, and I’ve been solo blogging there about 6 months. I love blogging and I especially like communicating with you.   If you have a question or concern about your home business, please feel free to contact me directly.

So what is my “mission” here at Home Biz Notes?   I’ll be focusing on:

1.  Helping you keep your small home business running efficiently and profitably in these tough financial times.

2.  Helping you deal with the issues and problems all home business owners face - like interruptions, children, spouses, pets,  phones,  you-name-it.

3.  Helping you sort through the many “home business opportunity” schemes and scams, to find great home businesses that might be perfect for you.

So let’s get going!

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