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Do You Let Others & Their Opinions Hold You & Your Business Hostage?

by Mary Emma Allen on September 13th, 2008


All of the discussion about Oprah apparently refusing to have Republican Vice-Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin on her show got me thinking…does it matter? 

Oprah can back whichever candidate she wishes and have whomever she wants on her show.

So why should it matter to Sarah Palin if she appears on Oprah’s show or not?

Oprah’s show, admittedly a very prominent and influential one, isn’t the only show in town although she’s to be admired for what she’s accomplished.

At this point, would Sarah Palin show greater strength if she refused to be a guest, rather than seeming a puppet on Oprah’s strings?

So how does this translate to your home business? I’ll ask my question:  “Do you let others and their opinions hold you and your business hostage?”

Yes, we like to be accepted, to have others think well of us and receive recognition.  However, do we let others jerk us around with their opinions and actions?  Or do we maintain our sense of worth and make our own decisions?

Look long and hard at the type of recognition and publicity you’re seeking for you and your business.  Then decide where you stand and whether you let others and their opinions compromise your standards.

Have you ever run into these situations with your business?

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(c)2008 Mary Emma Allen

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