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My New Year’s Resolution for My Home Business

by Jean Murray on December 31st, 2008

Well, since it’s New Year’s Eve, everyone is probably asking you, “What’s your New Year’s resolution?” I stopped doing NY Resolutions years ago - they produce one of three results:
1. I don’t follow them and feel guilty
2. I follow them for a while and then give up and feel guilty
3. I decide they aren’t important, so why bother.

But for 2009 I have a resolution for my home business. It is:

To do something EVERY DAY to move my business forward, to make it more profitable, to promote it. That’s it.

I figure if I can work every day to make my business profitable, by this time next year, it will be. Profitable, that is.

What about you? What is your resolution for your home business?

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