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My Favorite Home Biz Notes Posts of 2008

by Jean Murray on December 28th, 2008

Since I started writing for HomeBizNotes at the beginning of November, I have occasionally gone back into the “vaults” of posts to see what Mary Emma and Yvonne wrote. I thought you might also enjoy seeing these “oldies but goodies” from this past year. Here are some of my favorite posts from earlier in 2008:

In January,
Yvonne wrote “Stop Waiting for Someone to Tell You What to Do - You’re the Boss”

Yvonne also busted some Home Biz Myths

And Mary Emma discussed How to Keep Your Sense of Humor in the midst of your crazy home business routine.

In February,
Mary Emma provided a roundup of Home Business Organizing Tips (I needed that one!)

She also gave us a list of 5 tips for overcoming challenges and obstacles.

And Yvonne warned against Work from Home Scams (Craigslist Curmudgeon is no longer writing for b5media, but the advice he gives is still good.)

In March,

Yvonne suggested that smiles and thank-yous as a low-tech way to positive customer interactions.

And Mary Emma gave us 10 tips on finding time for your home business.

In April,

Yvonne gave us some tips on getting paid

Mary Emma shared her thoughts on the future of self-publishing and reminded us to take home office business deductions.

And a very popular post on Birthing the Elephant (you’ll have to read it to find out more).

In May,

Read about why Work at home Moms aren’t Supermoms (by Yvonne) and Guest Poster Laura Spencer on 4 Questions to Help You Find Your Dream Job

And Mary Emma wrote several posts on Taking Chances (#1) and (#2)

In June, Mary Emma wrote about Telling  Your Business Story in an Interesting Way

and she shared Tips for Starting Your Home Business.

And Yvonne shared my personal favorite post “Things Moms Say” in 2 minutes.

A book review of 200 Best Home Businesses (and 41 of the businesses on the list)

More in the next post….

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