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Planning for Emergencies in Your Home Business

by Mary Emma Allen on May 23rd, 2007

What happens when you must be away from your business, have a health problem or face an emergency that keeps you from working?  Do you have plans in place to take care of this situation?  Can the person filling in for you understand your directions? 

Rico Mossesgeld’s post, How Pretending You’re Someone Else Makes Planning Easier,  at Contract Worker got me thinking about this.  I realized we instinctively know how to make our business operate, but when we’re explaining to an employee, or someone who must fill in for us, sometimes we aren’t clear enough.

“…the best way to create a foolproof plan is to pretent you’re someone else filling in for yourself,” states Rico.  

Check out Rico’s complete post to learn more in depth how to do this and be prepared when you can’t be on the job.  This will have you prepared in advance for emergencies.

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