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Thursday Thirteen - 13 Outlets For Home Produced Products

by Mary Emma Allen on September 18th, 2008



Depending on your type of product, you may have a very narrow niche market or you have customers from a broader base for your home business. 

If you’re just starting out or need to expand, check out the list below and see if these will give you some more marketing ideas.  With some of these you’re more likely to make contacts rather than immediate sales.  But those contacts could lead to future sales.

  1. Your own web site
  2. A shop in your home
  3. Stores in your area that buy wholesale
  4. Craft fairs
  5. Galleries and museums
  6. Etsy.com, an online marketplace for buying and selling all things handmade
  7. Co-op shops
  8. Gift shops
  9. eBay and other similar online sites
  10. Consignment shops
  11. Workshops/classes you teach
  12. Business expos…local or regional
  13. Word of mouth

What have been some successful outlets for your products?

©2008 Mary Emma Allen

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