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Turn Your Love Of Writing Into A Money Making Blog - Part 5

by Mary Emma Allen on July 27th, 2008


Add Advertising, Affiliate Links, Your Own Information, Products, etc. (Part 5)

By Lindsay Buroker

(Lindsay left a comment on one of my posts here at Home Biz Notes. When I visited her blog, Writing for Your Wealth, I thought, “This information is great for online writers.” So I invited her to write a guest post.

Actually it has evolved into six parts because Lindsay has so much to share. Read the Introduction to this series

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Part 4, Build a Community

Guest Post

The astute reader (you!) will notice I’ve waited to the last step to really focus on monetizing your blog.

You see, most money-seeking individuals litter their sites with ads, affliliate banners, etc. before they’ve even got anyone visiting their blog. Then they’re perplexed when they don’t make any money.

Making money from a blog comes naturally once your site becomes popular, but you’ll never make anything worth sneezing at if your blog is a ghost town. Work on the first four steps and make sure you’re getting plenty of genuine visitors before cluttering your site with ads (consider waiting until daily visitor numbers are in the hundreds). A lot of glaring ads can be a turnoff to people and may actually hinder your efforts to build a community for your blog.

When you do add Adsense, or text links, or whatever you prefer, study reports on how to optimize placement. (Quick tip: people read from top to bottom and left to right, and their eyes naturally go straight to the content…place your ads nearby so they’re noticed!) You’ll find out one or two well-placed ads can bring in more money than a hodge podge collection inserted all over the place - and a couple nicely integrated ads are less likely to alienate your community.

There you go: the lowdown on building a blog that can be a money maker!

For more on profitable blogging and building financial independence through writing, visit me at Writing for Your Wealth :)

Leave questions for Lindsay in the comments.

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