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Turn Your Love Of Writing Into A Money Making Blog - Part 4

by Mary Emma Allen on July 26th, 2008


Build a Community (Part 4)

By Lindsay Buroker

(Lindsay left a comment on one of my posts here at Home Biz Notes. When I visited her blog, Writing for Your Wealth, I thought, “This information is great for online writers.” So I invited her to write a guest post.

Actually it has evolved into six parts because Lindsay has so much to share. Read the Introduction to this series

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Part 2 , Write Content that Matters to Your Audience

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Guest Post

One of the things that makes blogs different from old static websites is the built-in comments feature, which invites visitors to share their thoughts on your posts. Also, many blog platforms allow you to install all sorts of plug-ins and widgets designed to encourage people to respond to your posts and share them with others.

This makes people feel they belong and have a community. Naturally, they’ll want to spread the word about a cool place to hang out (a place where they also get valuable information), so these folks will help you grow your site.

Another perk of having lots of people visiting and adding their comments to your blog is that the search engines place a high value on sites posting fresh content frequently. Your visitors are actually helping you build up your site with their comments. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Stay tuned for Part 5

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