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You’re the Magic of Your Virtual Blog Tour

by Mary Emma Allen on October 23rd, 2008



Does an author realize he/she is the MAGIC that draws visitors to the blogs when touring…not just their name, but their participation and devoting a portion of their time during the tour to publicizing their schedule and connecting with their readers?

Also, do authors and others utilizing blog tours realize they’re also the magic with their hosts?  If they want an enjoyable experience, acquire a good reputation as a touring business person, and look forward to repeat appearances on blogs, they should be courteous to the host, help promote that blog, leave comments and encourage friends to visit.

You need hosts and reader/visitors who hopefully translate into customers eager to purchase your items and spread the word about you.

Over the past two years, I’ve hosted numerous authors on my blogs and have worked with those who seem very appreciative and others who seem to take the coordinator, host, and visitors for granted.

I don’t think anyone is deliberately being inconsiderate or impolite. Online or virtual book signings and business appearances are so new that everyone is feeling their way. I’ve noticed though that some authors seem to find it more rewarding than others.

So realize that it requires preparation and participation on your part for your blog tour to be successful and have lasting and long reaching effects.

What are some of the tips you have for those considering or participating in virtual blog tours?

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1 opinion for You’re the Magic of Your Virtual Blog Tour

  • Cheryl Callighan
    Oct 23, 2008 at 2:43 pm

    There are are so many aspects of setting up and creating a virtual blog tour it’s hard to name them all. First and foremost, take the time to develop a plan for your virtual blog tour. Research potential blog hosts by using your keywords for a Google search. Identify blogs that share the same theme as your book. Look specifically for blogs that have a history (check the archives), have frequent postings and reader comments. The more the better! After all you want the most exposure for your virtual blog tour to be a success!

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