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7 Tips for Promoting Your Home Business

by Mary Emma Allen on June 28th, 2007

In my previous post, Promote Your Home Business Every Single Day, we mentioned a few strategies for doing something each day to market or promote your business, ways to get your name  (business and/or personal) out there where you’ll gain recognition or become a brand (that popular buzz word nowadays).

What are you doing?  What can you do?  Possibly you have a very limited budget. Also, time is at a premium for you.  So how do you find time to squeeze in promotion?

What about making out a check list for yourself?  Then do at least one item on it each day, preferably more.  Some of these take less than five minutes.

Here are 7 tips or items for starting your checklist:

*You’ve developed a blog.  Post something on your blog frequently.  It doesn’t have to be long or eloquent.  Actually short pieces are read more regularly nowadays.  People don’t have a lot of time for reading long, detailed posts and news articles unless they’re looking for specific information, knowledge, or instructions.

*Send out press releases to print and online media.  Keep these short, too.  When I was a newspaper reporter, we liked the short, to-the-point releases.  If we wanted more information, we could contact the person…as long as they included contact information.

*Make a call to one potential customer.  It may simply be a friendly, making a connection call until you’ve found how your business will benefit this person.

*Follow up with a customer.  See if they have any questions about an item they purchased or a service.

*If you have postal addresses for customers, write a quick post card.  I find many people like to receive a post card or note in the mail, even though there’s e-mail for contacting them.

*Check into opportunities for interviews, either in person or by e-mail.

*Develop a jar or container for drawings for prizes at your place of business.  Customers can drop in business card or simply fill out a slip of paper with name, address, phone and e-mai.l If online, you draw from customers who register at your site, leaving their e-mail.  These usually are potential customers or return customers.

What have you been using for promotion strategies in your business? 

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