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Considering Home Business Books

by Mary Emma Allen on March 9th, 2007

“That book was terrible.  It didn’t give me the information I needed to build my home business.”

“That was a great book,” another home business owner might say.  “It had a lot of good ideas that really got me on the right track.”

It occurred to me as I scanned reader reviews of books, the review will vary with the reader and what they’re looking for.  Many of these reviews didn’t mention the quality of writing and content from that aspect.  They were the reader’s personal response.

So when you do check out someone else’s opinion about a book, see where they’re coming from.  Are they looking for the same information that you are?  Are they developing the same type of business as you?

As I read the reviews, I found that books that helped me were downplayed by others.  Also, a book I wouldn’t have use for could be very enlightening to another home business owner.  A style of writing might appeal to me, but not someone else, and vice versa.

Some of this depends on the type of business you’re developing, the customers you’re attracting, the methods you’re using for marketing (online or physical), and other business concerns.

There are many business books on the market, some that are helpful to the home business owner and others that aren’t meant for his/her situation.

       These are three very different books but all have information about developing home based businesses.  You’d have to look them over to see if any or all of them are for you.  Reader reviews might give you a glimpse of what’s inside, as long as the reader isn’t too biased pro or con.  The ultimate decision would rest with you but it doesn’t mean someone else’s opinion is wrong.

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