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High Gas Prices Change Business Methods & Stimulate Creativity

by Mary Emma Allen on March 22nd, 2008


 Are we facing a recession?  Are we in the midst of one?  Or is it simply media generated based on a few facts?

Whatever else you think, you’ll find that oil has reached a new high on the world market. Thus, with this increasing price of fuel, whether for transportation or heating,  and translating into higher costs of merchandise, businesses have become affected.  We now have to alter our way of thinking.

Business owners and consumers have to become more creative in their thinking and planning.

*This fuels the trend for shopping online and offering your products and services that way.
*The popularity of community sites like eBay, Etsy, and Craig’s List continues to grow.
*Business owners are going online with their products and services in their web sites and blogs…instead of, or in addition to, their home based stores.
*They become creative on how they can use blogs and/or web sites to provide for  customers and generate income.
*Shoppers combine trips, doing a number of errands in one area at the same time or car pool. Is there a way you can offer a discount if someone shops at your at home business while shopping at a nearby grocery, etc.? 
*Develop a list of savings tips that you offer to your shoppers, either online or when they stop in person.

What fuel and money saving strategies can you offer your customers?

©2008 Mary Emma Allen

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