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Spare Room Startup - The Book - Peek Behind The Scenes With Author Emma Jones

by Yvonne Russell on July 14th, 2008

Emma Jones is the editor of Enterprise Nation, the UK’s premier home business site and the author of Spare Room Startup: How To Start A Business From Home.

Did you catch my book review? For an added glimpse inside the book, check out the video. But for now, we’re going behind the scenes with the author Emma Jones.

Have you ever wanted to write a business book?
Being the author of a business book gives you credibility with your peers, with your customers and with the media. I asked Emma some questions, and she has generously offered some insights and tips.

Emma’s answers will be featured in a series of 3 posts.

  1. about Spare Room Startup and how if differs from other home business books
  2. how a book can help a home business owner become an industry authority
  3. future plans for her site Enterprise Nation (the UK’s largest home business site) and for her next book

There are a lot of books on home business. How is yours different?

Mine is different for a number of reasons:

  • it is a simple, stylish and friendly guide (that cannot be said for many business books!)
  • it includes lots of pictures showing how I’ve turned my home into a place of work
  • not only does it tell my story of starting and growing home businesses, I also profile 40 other home businesses; across the gender, age and sector profile

How did you go about doing your research for Spare Room Startup?
Let me tell you, this book was in research mode for a good 5 years before it was written. That’s what I said to the publisher when I first met him “it’s taken me 5 years to prepare for this meeting!” – by that, I mean I’ve been researching the home business market since selling my first home business in 2003. ”

I then launched the home business website www.enterprisenation.com in 2006 and started to profile lots of successful home businesses. My own experience of having started, grown and sold a business from home, and then speaking to hundreds of other business owners, was the research I needed for this book. But the research never stops.

Spare Room Startup:How To Start A Business From Home can be purchased from Amazon or from the UK publisher, Harriman House.

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