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Do You Schedule Time Off in Your Home Business?

by Mary Emma Allen on July 13th, 2008


It’s difficult to work non-stop at one’s business, so most business owners are advised to schedule time off…to relax, for family, to recharge. However, sometimes these best laid plans go astray as Anne Wayman mentions at The Golden Pencil in her post, Okay, so I’m working on Sunday!

I agree with Anne...”Life is what happens when….” and you can’t do anything other than work on days you planned to take off. Life has been happening to us the past few months with our daughter’s illness and its unexpected twists and turns.

I’ve learned I can’t say I’ll write or won’t write any particular times…I just write whenever I can squeeze it in and somehow I meet my deadlines…and often get some extra done. I’ve even written drafts on paper towels while waiting with our daughter in the emergency room.

I have another home business I have to squeeze into the mix. I can’t afford the luxury of saying, “I can’t.” Somehow we writers and home business owners go on with the adventure of life, getting our work done, and taking advantage of spare moments…and even free days to relax.

What do you do when life throws a curve and your time off is no longer as planned?

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